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Damon Flicker Wins Prestigious Award

Each year, the Australian Bridge Federation (ABF) selects a youth player to receive the Helman-Klinger Achievement Award.  We are pleased to announce that this year’s winner is Victorian and Australian representative, Damon Flicker.

Damon is not only an exceptional player, but also a pleasure to have join us at the table, and in the broader bridge community.  This award recognises not only the talent, but also the broader contributions and sportsmanship displayed.

Damon Flicker (right) being presented with the Helman-Klinger Achievement Award by
Colin Jasper, Chair – Bridge Victoria.

The Helman-Klinger Achievement Award recognises the Australian Youth Player whose ability, achievements, sportsmanship, attitude, contribution and commitment during the year, is most deserving.

Past Victorian winners include:

  • Justin Mill (2009)
  • Pete Holland (2010)
  • Laura Ginnan (2011)
  • Max Henbest (2015)
  • Jamie Thompson (2016)

Congratulations Damon!