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Bridge Victoria Operations Committee – BVOC BVOC Member

Bridge Victoria Operations Committee – BVOC

BV Committee

[email protected]

Deborah Anglim BVOC Member

Deborah Anglim

[email protected]

John Walsh BVOC Member

John Walsh

[email protected]

Sally Foster BVOC Member

Sally Foster

[email protected]

Graham Morris BVOC Member

Graham Morris

Special Councillor - Metro Arc

[email protected]

Jenny Thompson VBA Council

Jenny Thompson

Vice-President/MTC Chair

[email protected]

Colin Jasper BVOC Chair

Colin Jasper

Chair Of BVOC, VBA Vice President

[email protected]

Jan van Riel VBA Council

Jan van Riel

Councillor - Strategy and Communications

[email protected]

Andrzej Krolikowski BVOC Member

Andrzej Krolikowski

Special Councillor - Metro Near VBA

[email protected]

Rebecca O’Reilly VBA Council

Rebecca O’Reilly

Councillor & Youth Bridge

Richard Giles BVOC Member

Richard Giles

Special Councillor - Country West

[email protected]

Laurie Kelso VBA Staff

Laurie Kelso

Chief Tournament Director

Neil Ewart VBA Staff

Neil Ewart

VBA Accountant/VBA Webmaster

[email protected]

Chris Hughes VBA Staff

Chris Hughes

Bulletin Editor

[email protected]

Match & Tournament Committee VBA Council

Match & Tournament Committee

Bridge Victoria Sub-Committee

[email protected]

David Beckett VBA Staff

David Beckett

State Masterpoints Secretary

[email protected]