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The central site for Masterpoint information in Australia is the ABF Masterpoint Centre which contains all the information and rules relating to masterpoints.

Some of the key links are listed and described below:

  • Masterpoint Centre Home Page: ABF MPC
  • Download Centre: ABF Downloads
  • The ABF Masterpont Manual is your primary reference for Masterpointing issues. Online version: Manual
  • Help is being built to get you started with the new services: Help!

All Club Masterpoint Secretaries should be familiar with this site.

Bridge Victoria Articles

Our Web Documents Library contains some documents about Masterpoint topics of interest.

To view any of them go to the Document Library Page: See Documents

Amongst the documents are:

  • Guide for Masterpoint Secretaries (a simple getting started guide for Masterpoint Secretaries)
  • Masterpoints Overview
  • Calculating Outright Awards
  • Getting Extra Red Point Sessions
  • Masterpoints for a Half Table Mitchell
  • Common boards Played in a Movement
  • Masterpointing Supervised Play Sessions