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Policies and Regulations
Date Description Show?
Election of Bridge Victoria Operations Committee 2023-10-31 Process for election of BVOC and its structure. Show
State and Congress Disciplinary & Ethics Regulations 2023-08-01 Disciplinary regulations for congresses and state events Show
State Table Fees as at August 2023 2023-08-01 Tables fees for state sessions from August 2023 Show
Player Rights of Entry to Congresses V1 2018-05-23 Policy detailing player’s rights to enter any Victorian Congress event. Show
Victorian Congress Director Charter V1 2018-05-23 Details the expectations, responsibilities and duties of a congress director in Victoria Show
BV Funding Policy 2024-01-30 Policy for all applications for funding from affiliated clubs and application form Show
BV Funding Application Form 2024-02-09 Funding Application Form Show
BV Affiliation Policy  2024-02-09 Policy applicable to new club affiliations Show
BV Club Affiliation Application Form  2024-02-09 Application form for clubs to affiliate in Victoria Show
BV Calendar Congress Policy 2024-02-02 Policy for congress allocation to clubs. Show
Advertising Rate Card 2024 TBA. Rates for Advertising in the BV Bulletin, Website and other  publications. Show