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Victorian Daytime Swiss Pairs 2019





Enter Online Here or email the VBA

Entry fees:  $45pp (lunch is included in this fee)

Conditions of Entry

  1. Closing date: Monday 23rd April, midnight.
  2. Late entries accepted at the discretion of the Convenor.
  3. Masterpoints are not guaranteed unless ABF numbers are provided.
  4. Each player must have an approved ABF System Card.
  5. Both events will be subject to the current ABF Systems and Alerting Regulations.
  6. Systems:
    • Green, Blue and Red systems will be permitted (as will “brown sticker” conventions) and System Colour Classification should be clearly marked at the top of all System Cards.
    • It is the players’ responsibility to ensure that their System complies with the Regulations.

Venue:   131 Poath Road Murrumbeena (Melway Ref. 69 C6)

Please observe parking restrictions as shown on the flyer